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    "Your Starter Course presentation was one of the best I have seen in a long time! You all are Top Flight!”

    —Carolyn Cook | Washington, DC
    Founder of United for Equality, LLC and representative for the ERA Campaign Network

Learn about the Caring Economy movement in our webinars

Introduction to a Caring Economy

September 15, 2017

What is real wealth?

Join Riane Eisler and Sara Saltee for this accessible introduction to a Caring Economy. We'll show how a caring economy beats an economy of cruelty every time - not only in moral terms, but in terms of widespread prosperity and quality of life. You'll also learn how you can become a certified Caring Economy Advocate through the popular Caring Economy Advocates Program, starting October 6.

Research shows that caring economic policies that give visibility and value to the work of care leads to quality human capital and healthy economies that work for all. Are you ready to lead the conversation about a new economic system that values care? In this webinar we'll share success stories of program Alumni who are hosting caring economy and partnership events at conferences, schools, communities of faith, and living rooms.

Become a leader advocating for a humane economic system.

Connect the dots between care and prosperity.

Learn how you can join the Caring Economy Campaign and be part of a vital caring movement. Bring your curiosity and your questions about the program.

Learn more about the Caring Economy Advocates Program, starting October 6, 2017: caringeconomy.org/advocates

The Caring Economy Starter Course

2017 dates TBA

Learn about the Caring Economy movement in our free Starter Course

Join Riane Eisler for the free Caring Economy Starter Course webinar and connect the dots between care and prosperity. Learn how you can join the Caring Economy Campaign and be part of a vital caring movement.


  • What is a Caring Economy? 3 essential components
  • Why now is the time to create a more sustainable and humane economic system
  • How you can participate in the Caring Economy Campaign and make a difference in your community

Recent Participants Say

  • “Great presentation!”
  • “Very informative, yet not overwhelming”
  • “The atmosphere was friendly, transparent, original, and 
compassionate - and a very sound argument was made!”
  • “Way to go! The Starter Course provides an excellent, succinct introduction to the Community Advocates Program. And I look forward to the Caring Economy Leadership Program with even more eagerness.”
Join Riane Eisler to learn how care = prosperity.

Own Your Worth: Power to the People Who Care with Kate Duva

May 24, 2017

Parents, teachers and caregivers do crucial, complicated, artful work. We give and protect life. We cultivate human potential. And the decisions we make on a daily basis are, quite literally, choices about how to evolve our species. Yet, many of us feel isolated, overworked, depleted, or downright invisible.

The time is overdue to demand what we deserve!

Now more than ever, as fear of violence grows, we must remind ourselves that caregivers are society’s peacemakers. We are already experts at keeping people safe, and the survival of human dignity depends on caring policies that support us. In this webinar, we will connect with advocates from around the world, and share links to exciting caregiver movements and collaborations that you can follow as they grow. You will practice speaking your voice, articulating your value, and asking for what you need – from yourself, your community, and your world.

Kate Duva is a Caring Economy leader, parent advocate and a graduate of the Caring Economy Advocates Program