UN launches initiative for women’s economic empowerment at Davos

The Guardian, January 21, 216:

Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, announced in Davos on Thursday that he was creating his organization’s first high-level panel on women’s economic empowerment.

Globally, women earn 24% less than men for doing the same work. “The empowerment of the world’s women is a global imperative,” Ban Ki-moon said. “Yet despite important progress in promoting gender equality, there remains an urgent need to address structural barriers to women’s economic empowerment and full inclusion in economic activity. If the world is to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we need a quantum leap in women’s economic empowerment.”

Caring counts

The conventional assumption has been that a strong economy and caring for people and nature are at odds. Social Wealth Economic Indicators (SWEIs) demolish that assumption. SWEIs show the benefits of investing in care, and the dismal consequences of devaluing it – not only for women (who still do most of the care work), children, the elderly, families, and the natural environment, but also for economic competitiveness.

On February 10, The Caring Economy Campaign will offer the free webinar “Counting Care In”, an introduction to Social Wealth Economic Indicators (SWEIs). SWEIs demonstrate that care work is key to human capacity development, and bring together data demonstrating the financial and social ROI from the work of care. Join Riane Eisler and the Caring Economy Campaign on Wednesday, February 10 at 11am Pacific for this important free webinar.

Counting Care In: free webinar February 10

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One thought on “UN launches initiative for women’s economic empowerment at Davos

  1. I knew women made less than men, but I didn’t know it was averaged at 24%. I’m no economist or know much about how this stuff works, but I don’t see why women should get paid any less than men. I hope gender equality is achieved as soon as possible. There really is no reason why men and women shouldn’t stand together as counterparts.

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