Marci Eads

Marci Eads, Ph.D

Dr. Marci Eads has over 15 years of experience in training, applied research and evaluation, and policy and program development in the areas of gender, race, and sexual orientation inequality; diversity and inclusion; economic security; reproductive health; and international physical and sexual violence prevention.

Dr. Eads has been the lead on dozens of program development, research, training, and evaluation projects, including large multi-year federal, state, and foundation-supported projects including adaptation, training, and evaluation of the effectiveness of trainings and programs on reproductive health, violence prevention, health and other disparities, sexual violence prevention, and gender transformative programming, particularly for under-resourced communities. For example, recently she oversaw the adaptation, implementation, and evaluation of <¡Cuídate!, (a CDC evidence- based program) and Promundo International’s Program Mujeres to promote more effective reproductive health programming among young, at-risk Latinas. Additionally, she has trained staff at nonprofit organizations across the country that provide programming to girls and young women on the relationships between health outcomes and gender roles, norms, and expectations, and on gender transformative programming.

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Currently, Dr. Eads is conducting research on and trains corporate, nonprofit, and government staff on issues of race, labels, and identity, with a goal of transforming existing diversity and inclusion strategies. She helped develop and is testing the efficacy of a gender transformative program designed to keep girls engaged in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). She serves as an expert consultant to TrueChild, a national nonprofit organization that helps donors, policy-makers and practitioners become more aware of the connections between reconnect race, class and gender, and how these affect at-risk communities, including communities of color, LGBT communities, and low income communities. Additionally, she is currently working with a foundation to develop and enhance their leadership programs and to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategic giving around economic security, and with an international gender-rights organization to collect and analyze data on sexual violence and health (including maternal health) from countries in the Global South, to utilize findings to develop new interventions that are culturally-specific and relevant, and to adapt existing interventions to reflect local realities and concerns. Dr. Eads has taught graduate statistics, research methods, and program evaluation for over ten years at the University of Colorado. She is a Principal at Health Management Associates and HMA Community Strategies, and is a Senior Fellow with the Buechner Institute for Governance at the University of Colorado. Marci received her B.A. from DePauw University and her Ph.D. from University of Colorado.