Indradeep Ghosh

Indradeep Ghosh is currently a Professor of Economics at Haverford College. He has a PhD. (2007) from MIT in macroeconomics and international economics, and he has published research on current account dynamics, foreign direct investment, and international trade in peer-reviewed journals such as Global Economy Journal, and Review of Development Studies. At Haverford, Indradeep has taught courses in Introductory Economics, International Economics, Financial Economics, and Money and Banking.

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After the 2008 Financial Crisis, Indradeep began to appreciate that traditional economic models offer very skewed representations of actual economic reality and in many ways create the very same present-day economic problems that they seek to alleviate. Accordingly, he began to develop a more dialogical orientation in his thinking and scholarship, actively seeking out dialogue with scholars in the other social sciences and in the humanities in an effort to develop a more integral understanding of the economic problems facing humanity in the present day. His scholarly interests shifted towards alternative economic models, interdisciplinary approaches to economic problems, and issues of economic equity and justice. In 2013, Indradeep was certified as a Caring Economy Conversation Leader, and has been volunteering part of his time since December 2013 to conceiving and executing the Social Wealth Indicators project.