December 3: the Power of Social Wealth

It’s time to count care in. On December 3, join us for a FREE webinar: an introduction to Social Wealth Economic Indicators.

Counting Care In is a FREE 60-minute webinar introducing a new balance sheet to measure what really counts – and how the economy will really work when we use Social Wealth Economic Indicators as the basis for sounder policies and better lives.

Find out how SWEIs provide the evidence-base you need to make the case for caring policies such as paid parental and sick leave, caregiver tax credits, better pay for care workers and educators, and increased investment in early childhood care and education.


In our latest Caring Economy Campaign blog post, Democracy, the 1%, and a Caring Economy, author and public policy analyst Valerie Young shows how a caring economy offers a different story of what is and is not economically valuable.

Join the 1-hour webinar — online Thursday, December 3rd at 11am PT/2pm ET.

“The atmosphere was friendly, transparent, original, and 
compassionate – and a very sound argument was made!” – webinar participant

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