Panel of Experts Launch Social Wealth Economic Indicators

The conventional assumption has been that a strong economy and caring for people and nature are at odds. Social Wealth Economic Indicators (SWEIs) demolish that assumption.SWEIs show the benefits of investing in care, and the dismal consequences of devaluing it – not only for women (who still do most of the care work), children, the elderly, families, and the natural environment, but also for economic competitiveness. 

Social Wealth Economic Indicators are the missing metrics needed to empower women and girls, reduce the disproportionate poverty of women and communities of color, and, at the same time, strengthen the economy. In November 2014, we brought together a diverse group of panelists from business, philanthropy, economics, and care work advocacy who discussed how SWEIs support their work. We invite you to watch the panel discussion below, and to read more about each panelist here.


Social Wealth Economic Indicators Launched with Online Panel of Experts