The New Family Security Agenda

Strengthening America’s Economy by Strengthening its Families

Families are at the nexus of America’s present political upheaval, yet progressives have spun their wheels with diffuse and granular polices. A cohesive family agenda is the foundation for strong, self-sufficient families and a healthy economy. It is also a cornerstone of the integrated progressive agenda needed to move our nation forward.

The Center for Partnership Studies’ Family Security Agenda provides hard working, self-respecting American families real support for the work of caring for children, seniors, and other family members and prepares the next generation with an education that can meet the challenges of our new, automated world. Truly valuing Family, the Security Agenda will greatly reduce the immediate expenses of healthcare, addiction, crime, courts, prisons, and lost human potential that often fall to the tax-paying public.

People must be cared for

Our values are shaped by our family experiences

Well-developed citizens are critical to successful democratic societies

Domestic Tranquility is the Front Line of our National Security

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updated July, 2017