Netflix, Microsoft lead the way in improved parental leave policies

Netflix announces “unlimited” paid parental leave for moms and dads

Although the U.S. and Papua New Guinea are the only countries among 185 nations that have not yet imposed government-mandated policies requiring employers to offer paid maternity leave, American tech companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Google and Intel are ahead of the curve. Tech industry companies are paving the way for improved baby-benefit policies. Netflix recently announced that it would provide up to one year of paid leave for parents with new babies. Microsoft followed suit: It’s increasing paid leave to 20 weeks for moms and 12 weeks for dads. The Caring Economy Campaign supports the value of the vital work of care in our workplaces, and applauds the forward-thinking vision of these employers.

Where tech industry companies stand in paid maternity leave policies:

Netflix:  up to one year for moms and dads

Microsoft:  20 weeks for moms and 12 weeks for dads

Yahoo: 16 weeks for moms and eight weeks for dads

Intel: 13 weeks + eight weeks of paid “bonding” leave

Google: 16 weeks

Facebook: 16 weeks

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