Making the Case for Care: New 2015 Online Seminars

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Whether you are a business leader or consultant prepared to build on success stories of the ROI of caring policies, a leader in a healthcare organization ready to improve patient experience by exploring partnership cultures, or a citizen committed to taking action as a caring economy community partner, our seminars provide the professional focus, real-world case studies and tools to leverage your leadership in action.

  • Join Riane Eisler and the Caring Economy team in the free one-hour online Caring Economy Starter Course, offered monthly, and connect the dots between care and prosperity.
  • Learn about Social Wealth Economic Indicators, an essential tool for everyone seeking to make the case for caring policies such as paid parental and sick leave, caregiver tax credits, better pay for care workers and educators, and increased investment in early childhood care and education

Tune into our Leadership Series Seminars for a closer look at success stories of how the Caring Economy framework is being implemented in business, healthcare, and state-level governance.

  • Starting March 10, 2015, participate in the 5-session Community Partners Program live online cohort, and gain real-world experience presenting a caring economy practicum in your community. As a certified Caring Economy conversation leader, you will join a dynamic international group of 200+ leaders from 17 countries who have gained the language, tools, experience, and confidence they need to successfully advocate for a caring economy in their communities and organizations.
  • Visit the Partnership Learning Community blog where our program graduates share news and updates on their ac­tivities related to the partnership and caring economy movements.

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“The Caring Economy Campaign provides practical, tangible solutions (legitimized by data and real-world examples) to help secure a sustainable future for humans and the natural world. The Leadership program provides the tools to impact public perception and policy.”

– Caring Economy Leadership Program graduate Leigh Anne Krantz, Producer and Journalist with KBOO Community Radio in Portland, Oregon.

We invite you to join with us in taking action toward a caring economic system that works for all.


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