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Election 2016: The Care Deficit

Riane Eisler, JD, is President of the Center for Partnership Studies and internationally known as a systems scientist, attorney working for the human rights of women and children, and author of The Chalice and the Blade and The Real Wealth of Nations.

Valerie Youn

Valerie Young is a seasoned public policy analyst committed to social justice, family economic security, and income equality. Her work appears extensively in social media, @WomanInDC on Twitter, Your (Wo)Man in Washington on Facebook, and blogging for Mom-mentum.org. She also has written for The Shriver Report, Brain/Child Magazine, and BlogHer.com.

Election 2016: The Care Deficit

with Riane Eisler and Valerie Young
Friday, September 16, 2016
11am-12:30pm Pacific

This special election-year 90-minute webinar, offered as part of the Center for Partnership Studies' Leadership Series, offers an opportunity for an in-depth dialogue with CPS’ Dr. Riane Eisler and the Caring Economy Campaign's gender and public policy expert Valerie Young.

On September 16, 2016 Riane Eisler and Valerie Young will be addressing issues that threaten our national security and economic stability. How can our current policies be changed to provide both the prosperity and care needed to meet the challenges ahead? What tools do we have to craft a solid infrastructure of care that will meet irreducible human needs across the lifespan, promote economic equality, and further social justice? There are certainly rough times ahead. But action we take now could make a big difference.

Millions of Americans are caring for children, their aging parents, or other family members. In spite of the historic changes in family structure and the booming population of elder Americans, the US invests far less than other developed nations in supporting this essential work performed in families. Not only that, the fastest growing job sector of direct care workers and home health aides pays only near-poverty wages. Will this election mark a change in direction?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How are outdated systems of gender and power still guiding our economic policies?
  • What is the relationship between public policy, care within families, and economic stability?
  • How would a caring economy put an end to the systematic impoverishment of women and children and generate greater economic prosperity for everyone, not just the 1%?
  • What can you do in this election year to support these essential changes?

Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice & the Blade and The Real Wealth of Nations, will illuminate the outdated dynamics of gender and power undermining our well-being and economic prosperity. Valerie Young brings years of experience as a policy analyst and writer on the ground in Washington, D.C. She is immersed in public policy as it pertains to women’s status, especially the impact of family care on women’s economic status.

The Election 2016 Care Package includes:

  • the live 90-minute presentation/discussion with Riane Eisler and Valerie Young
  • downloadable recording to watch and share
  • Caring Economy: Questions for Candidates data sheet
  • Real Wealth 2016: Caring Economy Tools for Change Makers —a 12-page e-book with a timely new intro by Riane and Valerie that provides the information and data points you need to affect meaningful policy change in these turbulent times. This e-book distills the essence of Riane Eisler’s groundbreaking work in The Real Wealth of Nations, providing a powerful and relevant resource for policy makers and culture change leaders worldwide.

Join us on September 16! Your voice is needed in the shift to more caring policies and social systems that support real wealth.

Making the Business Case for Care: with Special Guest Diana Rothschild

Prior to leading NextSpace’s effort to found NextKids, Diana Rothschild worked as a strategy consultant to Fortune 100 companies at Blu Skye and McKinsey & Co. She grew up in the Bay Area in a close-knit family, where she experienced the power of togetherness. Diana received a B.S. in Business Administration from University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford University.

Making the Business Case for Care

How is the knowledge economy driving a caring revolution at work?

Diana Rothschild, President & CEO of NextSpace and NextKids, has a front row seat to the changes sweeping the landscape of work in the 21st century. In the knowledge/service economy that leans toward disconnection and isolation for increasing numbers of workers, NextSpace offers an innovative model of collaborative and caring community, including NextKids, a care space where working parents and their children can thrive, equally, without compromise – in the same location.

On April 28, 2015, The Caring Economy Campaign hosted a dynamic online conversation with Diana, Riane Eisler and business and community leaders. Diana discussed how NextSpace and NextKids are nurturing community and co-locating workspaces and carespaces to model a “best case scenario” for bringing an ethic of care to the 21st century freelance workforce. This innovative caring business model empowers women entrepreneurs and enables parents to find supportive solutions to the balancing act of job and family.

Anyone interested in the future of business and the changing landscape of work, will be inspired and informed by this exciting dialogue about what the NextSpace experience can teach us about the needs of 21st century workforce and why businesses of all kinds must adopt caring policies to stay economically competitive.

The complete April, 2015 90-minute webinar recording can be purchased for $25.

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Implementing Caring Policy: Leading Change at the State and Local Level with Special Guest Jane Parker

Jane Parker serves Monterey County, California as the Fourth District County Supervisor. Jane’s leadership has resulted in fundamental changes in the culture of County government in responsible land-use policy, equitable healthcare access, education and preventive social policy.

Implementing Caring Policy

Policies that provide meaningful financial and social support for caregivers are an essential cornerstone of a caring economy – but they don’t just happen!

On May 28, 2015, Riane Eisler joined Monterey County Supervisor Jane Parker for a dynamic online conversation about what it really takes to work within a local government setting to advocate for a more just and caring economy.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Which US states are leading the way with paid parental leave, sick leave and other policies that support women, families, young children, and the natural environment?
  • Exactly how are those policies funded and structured?
  • Where in the world can we find inspirational models of caring policies like caregiver tax credits and wage subsidies to support high quality teachers of early child care?
  • How can Social Wealth Economic Indicators be used as a guidance system to link investments in care with economic outcomes?
  • What are some practical strategies for working with groups and constituents that work to shift thinking and practice in ways that move essential caring policies forward?
  • How do policy makers and policy-change advocates personally manage to sustain hope and positive energy through the long, often difficult push to create fundamental shifts?

Our group of community and policy leaders came away with a fresh understanding of how real world policy makers are strategically overcoming the challenges of leading transformative change. Get inspired and emboldened to continue your own work as an advocate for the essential policies needed to make real improvements in the lives of families and expand economic prosperity throughout your community.

The complete May, 2015 90-minute webinar recording can be purchased for $25.

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Changing Healthcare Culture: Implementing Partnership in Systems of Care

Dr. Kennedy-Oehlert earned her Doctorate in Nursing Practice in Health Innovations and Leadership at University of Minnesota, where she focused her scholarship on the effects of culture on healthcare outcomes, and explored how Riane Eisler’s theory of cultural transformation can serve as the foundation for successful culture-change efforts. In her current role as Chief Administrative Officer of Ambulatory Services and Associate Chief Experience Officer at the University of California, San Diego, Julie has oversight of all ambulatory services and is tasked with operationalizing partner-based leadership and driving a partnership culture..

Conversations with Riane Eisler

What does it take to transform a professional culture steeped in hierarchies of domination and control to one that embodies partnership principles like mutual respect, co-learning, collaborative teamwork, and empathy?

Dr. Julie KennedyOehlert DNP, RN, is currently charged with overseeing a massive, partnership-based leadership development and culture-change initiative throughout the UCSD School of Medicine and UCSD Health Systems. In the exciting June 18, 2015 webinar, she described how Riane Eisler’s theory of power and partnership is guiding her efforts to reshape the human relationships at the heart of healthcare.

Anyone interested in the applications of Riane Eisler’s partnership model to the fields of leadership development, organizational culture change, inter-professional education and healthcare will be fascinated by this lively and practical conversation with one of the premier national experts in the implementation of partnership in large organizations.

Drawing on decades of experience as a nurse, healthcare consultant, educator, and administrator in large hospital systems, KennedyOehlert shared stories and examples of what it really takes to operationalize cultures of partnership in healthcare organizations. She revealed how the work of Riane Eisler offers the practical blueprint for transformative change.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is partnership-based leadership and why would a healthcare system want to adopt this approach?
  • How is it possible to sway the skeptics and make the “bottom line” case for fundamental culture change?
  • Where are the cultural disruptors that begin to cascade a system into a truly “new normal”?

The complete June, 2015 90-minute webinar recording can be purchased for $25.

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2016 Changing Healthcare Culture: live webinar with Julie KennedyOehlert and Riane Eisler TBA.