May 24- Own Your Worth: Power to the People Who Care

Parents, teachers and caregivers do crucial, complicated, artful work. We give and protect life. We cultivate human potential. And the decisions we make on a daily basis are, quite literally, choices about how to evolve our species. Yet, many of us feel isolated, overworked, depleted, or downright invisible. The time is overdue to demand what we deserve! Join Caring Economy leader and parent advocate Kate Duva on Wednesday evening, May 24, 2017 for this special webinar.

Own Your Worth: Power to the People Who Care
Wednesday, May 24, 2017
4:30-6:30pm Pacific
$20 donation requested*

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In this interactive webinar, incorporating meditation, conversation, education, and networking, we who give so much will practice slowing down, and open to receiving. We’ll call back some of the scattered pieces of ourselves, and investigate our true worth. We’ll learn about historical legacies of domination and discrimination that wrote caregiving out of our economy and erased it from public life, and we’ll share strategies for building a society that values nurturing and thrives on partnership.

Now more than ever, as fear of violence grows, we must remind ourselves that caregivers are society’s peacemakers. We are already experts at keeping people safe, and the survival of human dignity depends on caring policies that support us. In this webinar, we will connect with advocates from around the world, and share links to exciting caregiver movements and collaborations that you can follow as they grow. You will practice speaking your voice, articulating your value, and asking for what you need – from yourself, your community, and your world.

Participants will receive:

• Access to the interactive, live 2-hour online program with Kate Duva
Caring and Connected Parenting Guide published by SAIV (Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence)
• A recording of the live session to replay
• A comprehensive resource list with links to caregiver movements and organizations that support and empower parents
• Caring Economy Fast Fact Sheets for Caregivers

Read Kate’s new post “Domestic Workers Really Keep America Safe”
Who can defend us against growing epidemics of violence, hate, and war? Donald Trump and his allies are vowing to “keep America safe” by cutting $54 billion from domestic programs and pumping it into our military, which is already by far the largest military in the world. The media keeps on parading lawmakers, strategists, and various “experts” to tell us what our problems are and how we should solve them. But we will never be truly safe until we pay respect to the millions of expert peacemakers who are already all around us, quietly working to keep people alive. Read more…

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  1. Wonderful to see this happening. I hope to attend. I would like to say that there is an umbrella under which this movement can find company with others the #EthicsofCare. Viriginia Held (“Ethics of Care”) and Joan Tronto (Who Cares? How to reshape a Democratic politics)

    Till later

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