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Building economic indicators that count care in; promoting policy that supports women and families.

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Join over 300 individuals from 16 countries in our online learning community.

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With organizations representing 17 million individuals globally, we’re building a caring economy movement.


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Summer CPS Alumni Gathering July 14

Are you an Alumni of CPS’ Leadership & Learning programs? Want to stay involved, learn how leaders worldwide are creatively ...
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Webinar July 18- How can we respond skillfully to dominating behavior?

Caring Economy leaders: Is your kindness taken for weakness? How can you get others to stop behaviors that are controlling, ...
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How We Think About Care Hurts Fathers Too

By Valerie Young and Riane Eisler Mark is a married father of five small children in San Diego, California. His ...
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Events, Publications, & More

May 24- Own Your Worth: Power to the People Who Care

Parents, teachers and caregivers do crucial, complicated, artful work. We give and protect life. We cultivate human potential. And the ...
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Resistance is not enough. Become a leader in the caring revolution.

Yes, we must speak out against corruption and the concentration of wealth in the hands of the few, Yes, we ...
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How do men in the Middle East see their attitudes toward gender equality?

May 1, 2017 Men in the Middle East and North Africa are at a crossroads, reveals ground-breaking multi-country study on ...
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Watch & Learn

Guaranteed Annual Income in the Age of Automation

Riane Eisler proposes a realistic approach to the guaranteed annual income as a response to our new age of automation ...
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Alumni Muhammad Waseem Ayaz Discusses the Cultural Transformation Course

Muhammad Waseem Ayaz, a recent graduate of Riane Eisler’s Cultural Transformation Course, is a student of Sociology at the Government ...
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