Exploring Your Creative Constellation with Sara Saltee: March 24 -April 14

Sara Saltee, M.A.

Creativity drives quality human capital that supports a healthy, caring economy. Join Sara Saltee, creativity coach and longtime Director of CPS’s Leadership and Learning Programs, as she introduces her original framework for discovering not IF you are creative, but HOW you are creative. She’ll reveal her exciting new vision for understanding personal creativity and show how identifying your signature combination of creative drives can help you live more fully in Partnership with your Self, your work, and our world.

Exploring Your Creative Constellation
Three Fridays, March 24, 31, April 14

10am – 12pm Pacific
*Register by March 10 to receive $20 off course tuition with code “serene”

Listen to the March 7 introductory webinar

If you’ve been beating yourself up for not having “found your passion”…

If you know you are creative in a bunch of different ways, and sometimes feel overwhelmed or unfocused…

If you’ve ever questioned whether you really are creative, because you’re not a writer, performer, or visual artist…

If you are ready to call back the scattered pieces of your Self that you’ve lost touch with along the way…

Exploring Your Creative Constellation is the workshop for you.

In this hands-on self-discovery and life-purpose workshop, you’ll claim the full array of your creative gifts, then explore ways to design your life so it’s big enough for who you really are.  This workshop is for you if you are in a time of career transition or personal re-invention; if you find your multiple gifts and talents confusing or overwhelming, or if you are a coach or therapist looking for an exciting new framework to help clients uncover life purpose, meaning, and creative satisfaction.