Early Childhood Education: Are we hurting kids at school?

Children – the Nation’s Best Investment : Early Childhood Education Policy Matters

Susan Ochshorn (author of “Squandering America’s Future: Why Early Childhood Education Policy Matters for Equality, Our Economy, and Our Children.”) sent this this CNN Opinion story to us.

Universally available prekindergarten is essential to developing America’s human capital. True, preschool isn’t enough — it’s not a silver bullet for inequality, and we need to start earlier, with better care of infants and toddlers. Still, it’s a critical piece of the enterprise, especially when you consider that the United States stands in the lower half of the Economist Intelligence Unit index for provision of preschool across 45 countries. Indeed, nearly 6 in 10 children are not enrolled in preschool in the United States, while the highest quality programs are off limits to many. [read more]

See the Caring Economy Campaign’s Fast Fact resource sheet “Children – the Nation’s Best Investment”: http://caringeconomy.org/fast-facts/