Democracy Convention III this week in Minneapolis: Participate in two Caring Economy workshops

Riane Eisler and Caring Economy leaders are presenting live workshops at The Community and Economic Democracy Conference August 2-6 in Minneapolis, MN.

Democracy Convention III: August 2-6, Minneapolis

Universalizing Resistance, Democratizing Power!

If you want to strengthen democracy where it matters most … in our communities, our schools, our workplaces and local economies, our military, our government, our media, our constitution … come and be inspired at the third annual Democracy Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota August 2-6, 2017. The Center for Partnership Studies and the Caring Economy Campaign are proud to serve as convention sponsors.

The Community & Economic Democracy Conference
The Community & Economic Democracy Conference, one of the conferences at the Democracy Convention, will bring together activists from workplaces and communities that are creating and defending participatory democracy in our economic systems. The Convention will convene participatory workshops and panels to share best practices that you can take back home.

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Caring Economy leaders Ann Manning, Liane Gale and Kim McKeage will present the workshop:
Caring Economy & Basic Income
Thursday, August 3, 2017 – 1:00pm to 2:15pm Central

The concept of a Basic Income, especially if it were to be issued as a Guaranteed Livable Income, has much potential as an element of a post-patriarchal economic system that values contributions to society by everyone and where poverty is abolished. This workshop seeks to explore how a re-valuing of care-work can solidify the vision of a new economic and societal system, where caring for self, each other, and the planet is the primary focus.

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Riane Eisler and Caring Economy leader Sharon Sund will present the workshop:
Social Justice = A Caring Economy
Saturday, August 5, 2017 – 4pm Central

In this workshop, we will explore paths to a thriving economy that supports caring for ourselves, others, and nature. Our post-industrial age requires new economic models, rules, and policies, offering us the opportunity to build a new economics, and society, based on Partnership rather than Domination. We will look at this vital shift, and at how healing from racism and social justice are necessary elements in a caring economy that works for all.

Riane Eisler will be appearing via Skype.

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A BIG thank you to Caring Economy leader Sharon Sund, coordinator of the workshops.

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The Democracy Convention is a project of the Liberty Tree Foundation together with the conveners of each of this year’s ten conferences. The Convention thanks our national partners, including the Center for Partnership Studies and the Caring Economy Campaign, whose support as Major Sponsors, National Sponsor, Co-Sponsors, Endorsers, and Conference Conveners, has been vital.