Taking Stock in Our Children: In a Time of Volatile Markets, How We Can Play the ‘Long Game’ by Investing in Our Society’s Future

by Riane Eisler and Valerie Young When world markets convulse, people tend to think short term. But as a society, we must start focusing on what investors call the “long game” — re-examining our economic priorities to improve and stabilize more lives over time. Suppose that instead of thinking only of stock markets or interest […]

Can Social Wealth Economic Indicators play a role in public ownership of a more caring economy?

Empowerment through ownership forum: This weekend, Sept. 2, 2015, a coalition of national, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh area public policy advocacy organizations will host a one day webinar and forum to support and strengthen “the vital role of public and worker ownership in wide segments of the US and global economy.” Jason Campbell, forum coordinator, CPS volunteer […]

Netflix, Microsoft lead the way in improved parental leave policies

Netflix announces “unlimited” paid parental leave for moms and dads Although the U.S. and Papua New Guinea are the only countries among 185 nations that have not yet imposed government-mandated policies requiring employers to offer paid maternity leave, American tech companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Google and Intel are ahead of the curve. Tech industry companies […]

Partnership education gives meaning to school and life

Fremont, CA: American High School English teacher John Creger writes about his popular and revolutionary Personal Creed project for high school students. https://jcreger.wordpress.com/2015/07/22/the-personal-creed-project-and-the-return-of-reflection/ Since 2013, several of John’s students have completed the Center for Partnership Studies’ Young Leaders Program. John’s student Kaavya writes: “The serious lack of thoughtful self-reflection, and no I don’t mean write […]

Brie Mathers on Girls as Ground Zero – from Hypersexualization to Partnership in Leadership

Brie Mathers, Caring Economy Conversation Leader and founder of Love the Skin You’re In, gave this powerful talk in February at the Humanity Conference, part of Stanford’s Global Innovation Summit. Brie focused on Partnership for Leadership and threaded the Caring Economy message in to her presentation. Brie commented: “At 12 minutes duration, it’s the fastest […]

June 23: learn about the first Caring Economy Europe Gathering

Join us online June 23 to hear about the first Caring Economy Europe Gathering We are excited to announce the first Caring Economy Europe Live Gathering is happening June 4-7, 2015  in Lille, France. Thank you to brilliant Conversation Leader Riikka Helle for coordinating and facilitating this inaugural event with some of Europe’s most visible and […]

Michigan Selected As First U.S. State For Deployment Of New Social Progress Index

May 27: The Caring Economy Campaign is excited to announce that Michigan state policy officials announced the deployment of a new social wellbeing measurement tool in Michigan called the Social Progress Index (SPI). The Social Progress Index, developed by the Social Progress Imperative, measures social and environmental outcomes – such as access to basic human […]

Nursing Yesterday and Today: How the Domination Paradigm has Driven us to Tasks and the Partnership Paradigm Invites us to Excellence

Free webinar brought to us by Creative Health Care Management and featuring our friend, Teddie Potter! The long history of nursing, even if presented in a purely factual way, is fascinating. To hear it told from the rich perspectives of Marie Manthey and Teddie Potter is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. In this […]

June 23: Caring Economy Europe Online Conversation

Join us for an online gathering for members of the Caring Economy Europe group and others interested in hearing news and updates about the CE Europe live gathering in Lille, France June 4-7, 2015. Learn about Caring Economy Europe, share project updates, explore collaboration opportunities, and exchange resources and inspiration to continue the work. Learn […]