The GOP Tax Plan – This Is What Domination Economics Looks Like

Valerie Young, Contributor Outreach Director for the Caring Economy Campaign at the Center for Partnership Studies     Think more money at the top of the income scale means more at the bottom? It doesn’t. November 14, 2017 Monster storms destroy coastal cities. Wildfires kill dozens of people and displace thousands more. Health insurance coverage for millions is […]

Author and Partnership leader Beth Wilson launches new book: The Recovering Feminist

At the Center for Partnership Studies and the Caring Economy Campaign we’re excited to announce the launch of bestselling author Beth Wilson’s new book The Recovering Feminist. Beth calls upon women to engage the power of the feminine spirit—often in partnership with men—to usher in a life-affirming paradigm. The Recovering Feminist casts a compelling vision for […]

Riane Eisler honored at 2017 Feminist Power Awards in New York City

September 7, 2017 The Feminist Press 2017 Feminist Power Awards will be held on October 16 in NYC. This annual tradition celebrates leaders whose work advance human rights, dignity, and empowerment. Among the honorees for 2017, Feminist Press is celebrating author and Center for Partnership Studies President Dr. Riane Eisler. Dr. Eisler has authored numerous award-winning books as well as hundreds […]

A Caring Economy respects nature’s economy

The Fall, 2017 Practicing Partnership with the Earth cohort has concluded. Thank you to all who participated in this great webinar series! See the Fall 2017 issue of Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies: Practicing Partnership with the Earth: Nurturing the Evolution of a Caring Alliance Based on Reciprocity and Respect by Ann Amberg Practicing Partnership with the Earth Everyday practices to […]

Charlottesville, Authoritarianism, and Partnership: Toward a Better Economic and Social System

August 24, 2017 Valerie Young Recent events in Charlottesville paint a searing picture of what a domination system looks like. Aggression, intimidation, and violence are primary markers of domination, and they were very much in evidence during the rally organized by a group of white nationalist groups that ended in violence, chaos, and death. Authoritarianism […]

The Shift interviews Riane Eisler

August 4, 2017 Riane Eisler talks with The Shift host Doug McKenty about economics, politics, gender roles, family relations, and other vital issues, as well as about wisdom from earlier more partnership-oriented times. Empower yourself as a Partnership change leader: participate in CPS’s Leadership & Learning Programs:  

Acclaimed systems scientist Riane Eisler addresses 5 key questions

Susie Taylor interviewed acclaimed systems scientist and Caring Economy Campaign founder Riane Eisler about the status of women worldwide. Hear what Riane has to say in response to five key questions: • What is the status of women worldwide? • What’s wrong with the economy? • How do we transition from one system to another? • What […]

Caring Economy and Partnership Leaders: participate in the Compassion Games global “coopetition” !

July 25, 2017 Invitation to all Caring Economy and Partnership leaders: take part in this year’s Compassion Games The Charter for Compassion International (CCI)—a worldwide network of more than 400 Cities/Regions of Compassion, with over 1800 Partners of Compassion in 52 countries—is collaborating with the Center for Partnership Studies and the Caring Economy Campaign to […]

The New Family Security Agenda

Strengthening America’s Economy by Strengthening its Families Families are at the nexus of America’s present political upheaval, yet progressives have spun their wheels with diffuse and granular polices. A cohesive family agenda is the foundation for strong, self-sufficient families and a healthy economy. It is also a cornerstone of the integrated progressive agenda needed to […]

Our gratitude to Caring Economy leaders worldwide

Leaders are working together around the world to advance the Caring Economy and Partnership movements. The Center for Partnership Studies and the Caring Economy Campaign honor our program graduates who are making the world a better place. We are continually inspired to learn about the many creative ways that alumni are actualizing Partnership and Caring Economy principles in the world; their success […]