The Robots are Coming: How a Caring Economy Is the Best App for a Shrinking Job Market

by Riane Eisler, Huffington Post The tech and automation job-quake is finally gaining attention, with predictions that nearly half of American jobs will be lost within a couple of decades. Yet too many leaders still avert their eyes, making decisions through a rear-view mirror rather than planning for a horizon already upon us. Even worse, the […]

Dear Mom, Thanks for Nurturing the U.S. Economy

by Allison Stevens, Women’s eNews There’s nothing like the “fatherhood bonus” for moms. To the contrary, moms hit the “maternal wall,” get slammed with the “mommy-tax” and pay the “motherhood penalty.” Mothers have more difficulty advancing in their careers, don’t get paid as much as women without children, men or men with children and lose big […]

Unpaid and Undervalued Care Work Keeps Women on the Brink

This revealing piece by Riane Eisler and Kim Otis in the 2014 Shriver Report shouts from the rooftops a message that is, perhaps, more important than ever before: that our devaluation of the stereotypically “women’s work” of care and care giving has, and will continue to keep, women and families in poverty. As Eisler and Otis write: […]

Caring Economy Young Leaders: Making a Difference in Fremont, California

Four high school seniors and graduates of the Caring Economy Young Leaders Program have founded the first Caring Economy Club at American High School in Fremont, CA. Anjali Devakumar, Cassandra Bicakci, Shweta Kinger and Elizabeth Joseph have recruited about 70 members, and sponsored their first community service day on October 25, 2014. For the national […]

Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies Launches

  Congratulations, Riane Eisler and Teddie Potter! The Fall 2014, inaugural issue of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies has launched today! Conversations and articles include Riane Eisler’s interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu; “Untangling Partnership and Domination Morality” by David Loye, and “Partnership-based Healthcare: Suggestions for Effective Application” by Teddie Potter, among others. Riane has […]

National Women’s Law Center: “SWEIs deserve our attention.”

In a blog post this week, the National Women’s Law Center wrote that the Caring Economy Campaign’s newly launched Social Wealth Economic Indicators are: “…a treasure trove of data on business practices, poverty rates, income inequity, educational attainment and more, and deserve our attention.”  “I’m particularly excited about the new indicators because they will be […]

Caring Economy in Huffington Post: Going Beyond GDP and Politics as Usual

In a Huffington Post piece on Tuesday, Riane Eisler and the Caring Economy team highlight how new ways to measure the economy not only go beyond GDP, but also go beyond politics as usual to show how new measures of economic and social well-being can be used to not only reveal structural and systematic inequities by […]

Social Wealth Economic Indicators Matter Most To Family Caregivers

By Valerie Young November 10, 2014  In an otherwise routine day, I came across a shocking headline.  Cost of Informal Caregiving for U.S. Elderly Is $522 Billion Annually In other words, what we do for free to look after our parents, our in-laws, and other older family members would cost a fortune if someone were […]