Caring Democracy and the need for an Integrated Progressive Agenda

We are excited to share with you the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies issue on Caring Democracy. Riane Eisler, president of the Center for Partnership Studies and founder of the Caring Economy Campaign, is the Guest Editor for this issue.

Articles include “Building a Caring Democracy: Four Cornerstones” and “Roadmap to a Caring Economics: Beyond Capitalism and Socialism” by Riane Eisler, “Getting Back on Track to Being Human”, by Darcia Narvaez, “Core Support for the New Economy”, by Neva Goodman, “Women’s Rights, Human Rights, and Duties: From Domination to Partnership” by Lester R. Kurtz, “The Original Partnership Societies: Evolved Propensities for Equality, Prosociality, and Peace”, by Douglas P. Fry and Geneviève Souillac, and “The Possibility of a Pluralist Commonwealth Evolutionary Reconstruction Toward a Caring and Just Political Economy” by Gar Alperovitz. Community Voices features Caring Economy Advocate Sharon Sund’s “The Path Forward” and  “Case Study: “Care” as a Political Winner” by Meredith Loomis Quinlan.


Dr. Riane Eisler

We invite you to read Riane Eisler’s call to action Building an Integrated Progressive Agenda: The Post Election Crisis and Its Opportunities
This comprehensive document is a deeper look and detailed outline of new thinking required to understand Domination/Partnership social systems in the current political environment, the four cornerstones of partnership, and a call to action.

The 2016 election laid bare the urgent need for an integrated progressive agenda. Our challenge is to prevent cyclical regressions that cause so much suffering and hold us back from building a more equitable and caring world. Meeting this challenge is a long-term project based on an in-depth analysis of what lies behind the 2016 election results. Read more…

Riane Eisler’s lead article Building a Caring Democracy: Four Cornerstones” examines why free elections alone are not sufficient to build humane, inclusive, and caring societies that promote the wellbeing and full development of all people, regardless of sex, race, class, and other differences. It then proposes a longterm strategy to lay foundations for such a caring democracy, focused on four core areas: family and childhood, gender, economics, and narratives and language.

Download the new document

This document includes updated charts containing:

• Core configurations of Domination Systems and Partnership Systems

• Key elements of the Domination and the Partnership Political Agendas

• Suggestions for reclaiming emotionally charged words such as family and values.

Cover art for IJPS Volume 4, Issue 1: Barbara Schaefer Finestra del Oro, 2017