Caregivers really keep America safe

By Kate Duva

The word economy comes from the Greek word oikos, for home — and the economy would collapse without domestic care

Kate Duva

workers, who are the invisible fuel of our economy, doing the work at home that makes it possible for others to go out and do all other work. There are few jobs as essential to human survival as caregiving.

Firefighters and surgeons are honored for saving lives; but caregivers are lifesavers too, keeping people connected to their reasons for living, one spoonful, wipe, smile, sigh, and tuck-in at a time.

Parent Advocate and Caring Economy Leader Kate Duva:

“I’ve embarked on a project with prosocial people — that is, anyone who acts with care for the greater good — to come together in Chicago and beyond, to connect our stories through conversations, interviews and poetry, and broadcast them through videos, memes, performances, and anything else we can dream.

The media loves to highlight humanity’s antisocial side: fear and violence, greed and competition. We need more media from the masses who are making peace and maximizing human potential every day. But many of us are absurdly humble. So as we demand to be seen and valued by the world, we need to practice seeing, and valuing, ourselves.”

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Owning Our Worth

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