Can Social Wealth Economic Indicators play a role in public ownership of a more caring economy?

Empowerment through ownership forum: This weekend, Sept. 2, 2015, a coalition of national, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh area public policy advocacy organizations will host a one day webinar and forum to support and strengthen “the vital role of public and worker ownership in wide segments of the US and global economy.” Jason Campbell, forum coordinator, CPS volunteer SWEIs researcher and certified Caring Economy Community Advocate, believes that SWEIs can play a vital role in the evolution of our economic system, serving the public sector in ways that create equity and empowerment.

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Campbell: “The private sector is very good at advancing private profit, but in many important ways is failing to generate prosperity for average Americans. We need a public sector antidote, with a strong dose of public ownership.”

Featured speakers include Thomas M. Hanna, Director of Research for the Democracy Collaborative, and Mike Krauss, Founder of the Public Bank Institute and Chair of the Pennsylvania Project.

The event will be presented live and online.
For live attendance registration is required as seating is limited. Lunch will be provided for those attending.
For information on the link and to register to attend please contact:

The program is organized by the Pennsylvania Project, the Public Banking Institute and the Institute for Green Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University with support of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, the Metropolitan Action Group and the Thomas Merton Center.

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