Alumni news: Greetings from the Himalayas!

Roxanne Gupta, graduate of Riane Eisler’s Cultural Transformation Course, wrote to us this past week from India: “I had a great opportunity to speak to the women studying in the year long Nurses Training Program at the Kumaon Community College in Ranikhet, Kumaon region, Himalayas in India about Riane’s work on the Caring Economy. I explained some of the basic ideas about women’s work counting and also about gender equality having to begin in the home and school at an early age. The women were quick to pick up on the ideas and were very enthusiastic. I gave them the name of [the Caring Economy Campaign] website and they wanted to look it up. Their English was fairly good. Perhaps they will be able to pursue further education online [through CPS’ Leadership & Learning Programs].  I am also using [Riane’s book] The Real Wealth of Nations in my Human Security course with the University of Pittsburgh Semester in the Himalayas Program”.

Thank you Roxanne for your wide-reaching and exciting world-work connecting these nursing students in India with the work of the Center for Partnership Studies. Keep in touch with us as you continue your community advocacy—you are an inspiration to leaders around the world!