Caring Economy Advocates Program

  • This course can give wings to thought and action.

    "No matter what area of life a person is involved in, from raising children and creating a home, to striding the marble halls of political corridors, this course can give wings to thought and action.”

    — Jhana Chinimasta | Olympia, WA
    Caring Economy Community Advocate

Certified Advocate Zette Harbour presents her community practicum, San Luis Obispo, California U.S.A.

The Caring Economy Advocates Program

Cohort starts October 6, 2017

3-session cohort meets on Fridays:
October 6 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific
October 13 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific
November 3 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific
Course fee: $175
Limited scholarships available



Course fee: $175

Resistance is not enough.

Yes, we must speak out against corruption, racism, sexism, and economic injustice,
Yes, we must decry the insanity of policies that enable the destruction of the natural world,
Yes, we must be opposed to the cruel gutting of supports for women and children who make up the majority of the poor, and the poorest of the poor

AND, we must be clear on what we are FOR. We must be able to assert a positive, integrated vision for the humane, sustainable society we know in our bones is not only possible, but necessary.

The Caring Economy Advocates Program is for individuals who want to become effective advocates for a caring economy within their circles of influence. It is designed to give you the evidence, the tools, and the language you need to go beyond resistance to become a leader in the caring revolution.

Unlike other online classes, the CAP program is designed to support real human connections not only with your cohort-mates, but also with your local community and with our extended global network of program graduates. Small class sizes, expert facilitation, and our easy-to-use online discussion space create rich opportunities for discussion, networking, and resource sharing with passionate change makers from around the world.

As a CAP graduate, you will join over 250 leaders in 17 countries who have the tools, the language, and the confidence they need to speak out for a saner, more practical economic system- one that connects the dots between care and prosperity and acknowledges that the work of caring for people and the planet is the essential foundation of economic success.

About the Program

The Caring Economy Advocates Program is a 3-session online certification course in which participants engage deeply with the principles of a Caring Economy, share stories with other leaders from around the world, acquire or expand valuable presentation and facilitation skills, and increase their confidence in speaking about the vital economic role of care and care giving.

Caring Economy Advocates are coaches, educators, business leaders, policy makers, community activists, parents, spiritual leaders, writers and filmmakers. With the tools provided by the program, Advocates invite audiences to take local action to make the work of caring and caregiving more visible and valued.

Class Time Commitment

Participants in the Caring Economy Advocates Program are sincere, dedicated community leaders and change agents, working with us to gain the tools, focus, language and resources to make a difference as certified Conversation Leaders. We request that cohort members commit to attending all class sessions to the best of their ability. Our cohort meets online weekly, each class building on the learning, trust and group coherence of the week before. Participants take time to prepare before the first class, they take part in weekly in-class sessions, offline study and research, and design and complete a self-designed project between sessions 2 and 3.

Each week, you can expect to spend 3-6 hours:
2 to 2.5 hours in live class session
30 – 60 minutes reading
30 – 60 minutes participating in the weekly online discussion board
1 – 2 hours planning your self-designed project

See the Advocates Program Information Packet for more information.

Program highlights:

  • An extensive toolkit, facilitation guides and slide presentations
  • A community Practicum experience
  • Membership in an active global Alumni Community
  • Opportunities for live discussion with Riane Eisler
  • Meet incredible community leaders from around the country and around the world

After Completing the Program

Once they become certified Caring Economy Advocates, our program graduates create ongoing opportunities to share the Caring Economy conversation with others through community presentations, educational curriculum, study groups, teaching and writing, and they find ways to integrate the principles of Caring Economics into their work and their activism.

Questions? Email Ann at

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Caring Economy Advocates are changing the conversation, and changing the world.

“I would recommend The Caring Economy Advocates Program to everyone seeking to make change in their communities. Caring Economics sets a clear path for success and the more individuals talking about it, the better chances we have of creating a better tomorrow.”

Kate Daniels Kurz
Executive Editor of The Women’s International Perspective, California, USA

“I now have the confidence to ask challenging questions and share this information. I have access to amazing resources, the wisdom of the cohort leaders, and a supportive community of like-minded people. I am inspired to see what I can do to improve the world and my local community.”

Tara Wernsing
Professor of Leadership Development at Instituto de Empresa Business School, Madrid, Spain

“The Practicum gave me courage to continue with this conversation. It proved that it is practical, it is real. It is the missing gem in our society today.”

Timothy Gachanga
Educator and community activist, Nairobi, Kenya

“The domination/partnership framework is a powerful lens for analyzing social, cultural, economic and political issues.”

Daniel Hall
West coast Director of Peace and Community relations for the Soka Gakkai International- USA Buddhist Association

“I loved linking up with like-minded passionate people, and having direct access to listen, talk with, and be en- couraged by Dr Eisler.”

Karen Oehme
Author and community activist, Nottingham, England

Advocates in Action

Caring Economy Advocates present their community practicums around the world

The Partnership Learning Community

Connect with Alumni Worldwide

The Partnership Learning Community is the growing online community hub of the Center for Partnership Studies’ Leadership and Learning Programs. To date, there are close to 400 graduates of the Changing Our Story and the Caring Economy Advocates Program in 18 countries.

In the PLC, alumni and current course participants access resources and materials related to their learning. Community members can network with one another, contribute to the Blog and Forum, and share news and updates on their activities related to the partnership and caring economy movements.

Go to the Partnership Learning Community

Young Leaders Program

The Partnership Next Generation Summit met in June, 2016

Caring Economy Advocate Anjali Devakumar with the American High School Caring Economy Club, Fremont, California U.S.A.

About the Program

The Young Leaders Program (YLP), a multi-session online certification course, prepares young leaders globally age 16-25 to become leaders of an emerging partnership system, and to speak up for a humane, caring and sustainable economy. Cohort participants gain the confidence to offer presentations and facilitate dialogs wherever their activism takes them — from living rooms to classrooms, to community gatherings and conferences.
Course fee: Sliding scale $0-$125
Learn more

Questions? Email Ann at

Participants in the Young Leaders Program

  • Build confidence in speaking up for a humane, sustainable economy
  • Connect with incredible young people from around the world
  • Add value to their community with a new framework for social change
  • Strengthen their presentation and facilitation skills
  • Join a powerful and growing alumni community of Certified Leaders taking action around the world

“I feel like I gained a lot of confidence, and I’m more ready to question things that aren’t working rather than just accept them as a way of life.”

Cassandra Bicakci
Young Leaders Program 2013 California, USA

“I am so grateful to have been a part of the first Cohort for Young Leaders. Engaging with such wonderful people from around the world and receiving guidance from such amazing Cohort facilitators has truly been a blessing!”

Aliya Farmanali
Young Leaders Program 2013 Nevada, USA

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