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Student Debt Reflects Our Values

The average student debt in the United States is $28,400 per student, as of 2013, according to the Project on Student Debt. The average student loan for a master’s degree holder is much higher, between $42,000 and $50,000 in 2012. Graduates in teaching, art, and science owe the highest debts on average, showing clearly that […]

Can Capitalism and Care Co-Exist?

by Valerie Young, Mom-mentum International Women’s Day on March 8th saw an outpouring of social media about the status of women in the world, which varies greatly across countries and continents.  Here in the US, women occupy a strangely contradictory position.  We are better educated than ever, nearly half the paid labor force, the majority […]
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Decisions a Parent Shouldn’t Have to Make

Holly Ketchum is a Family Engagement Specialist with the Early Head Start program in Springfield, MO. Thank you to Holly for sharing these timely stories that illustrate why it matters that we as a society learn to value care-giving roles.  I have worked with our local Early Head Start/Head Start program for 4 1/2 years. During that […]


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April 28: Making the Business Case for Care with Special Guest Diana Rothschild

Peek into the future of business and the changing landscape of work through this exciting dialogue with NextSpace CEO Diana Rothschild, President & CEO of NextSpace and NextKids. Find out how the knowledge economy is driving a caring revolution at work, and how today’s freelancers and entrepreneurs are finding new ways to balance a productive […]

Policy Changes in Ecuador Support a Caring Economy

Domestic Work Recognized in ‘Historic’ Ecuador Labor Law Reform After a marathon 11 hour session, the National Assembly of Ecuador approved a historic reform of the country’s labor laws Tuesday. Dubbed The Law for Labor Justice and Recognition of Work from Home, the reform modifies the 1938 labor code to expand rights in several areas. […]

Unpaid and Undervalued Care Work Keeps Women on the Brink

This revealing piece by Riane Eisler and Kim Otis in the 2014 Shriver Report shouts from the rooftops a message that is, perhaps, more important than ever before: that our devaluation of the stereotypically “women’s work” of care and care giving has, and will continue to keep, women and families in poverty. As Eisler and Otis write: […]


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Talk: Omega Women’s Leadership Center 2007

In a world full of exploitation, what are the alternatives? Short excerpts from keynote by Riane Eisler.

Panel of Experts Launch Social Wealth Economic Indicators

The conventional assumption has been that a strong economy and caring for people and nature are at odds. Social Wealth Economic Indicators (SWEIs) demolish that assumption.SWEIs show the benefits of investing in care, and the dismal consequences of devaluing it – not only for women (who still do most of the care work), children, the elderly, families, and the […]

VIDEO: What is the Caring Economy Campaign?

A short introduction to the Caring Economy Campaign. We hope you join the movement towards a more just, equitable, and caring economy! by

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